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20个大学中比较受欢迎的essay题目 怎么选essay题目?



The way stocks and bonds market function and what can affect them.
The challenges of a part-time job and its influence on students’ health.
The war on global warming and means of its prevention.
The value of higher education in the United States.
Single-gender schools’ pros and cons.
Security measures that infringe on personal rights.
The female population is yet to obtain an equal return for their economic contribution in any field.
Fast foods impact the life of an average college student.
Using cheap labor from the developing and underdeveloped countries.
The private lives of public figures.
The necessity of making the Pledge of Allegiance mandatory in schools.
The loss of historical data because of modern technologies.
Things that multiracial schools should promote.
The problem of a decrease in average literacy rates.
Do exams really show the skills and knowledge of the students?
Can stiffer anti-terrorism laws and regulations save the world from this type of crime?
How to select a college that suits your life and career goals.
The reason for the reduced productivity in some factories.
Lenient anti-bullying measures to be taken.
Using cannabis (marijuana) in medical purposes.