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阿德莱德作业代写 劳拉的新形象 the new image of laura

The famous game Tomb Raider has been brought to the screen many years ago, the protagonist that played by Angelina Jolie has been the classic image. Recently, the movie producer has announced that they would shot the Tomb Raider with the new actress and the fans were so looking forward to the new face.



The new image was going to play by Alicia Vikander, a girl also not only has the beautiful face, but wonderful acting skill. She just  won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress at this year’s Academy Awards. Alicia was famous for the movie Ex Machina, a film that probes into the question of whether machine has its own thinking. As the film became hot, Alicia started to known by the world.



There is no doubt that Alicia has the perfect appearance, which impresses the audience at first sight. Though Jolie has played Laura so successfully, the audience still looks forward to Alicia’s playing. They believe that as this girl has proved herself, so she can bring something new to the audience.


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