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澳大利亚代写assignment 大学英语作文 a singers death一个歌手的死亡

       October 18th, 2002, a sad day to most fans, for their idol Luo Wen left them forever. It’s really bad news to the HK music circles, as well as to me.
        Luo Wen, in my mind, was always strict with himself in his singing career.  His early song were all vigorous and inspiring,partly for the special social environment at that time.  Later, as the idol singers came up one after another, the old songs were not fit for the young fans, so he tried to change his style.  And these years, he began to help some new singers to improve their skills. His songs were so influential that the HK Minister of Finance even used one to encourage all the citizens to work hard to gether and overcome the difficulty bravely.
       Unfortunately, about two years ago, the news that he got cancer flew into our ears. However, he still went on singing and teaching. He had been struggling with the disease until the last minute. As the newspapers reported, he didn’t close his eyes when he died. Someone said it was because he had a wish unfulfilled. He had hoped to give the last performance in HK in September, but his illness prevented him from doing that. It may be the biggest regret in his life. It’s also said that he only weighed 32 kilograms at the end of his life. You can’t imagine how much he had suffered from the disease. But every time we saw him in public, he was wearing a smile.
       The next day, many newspapers reported his death and simultaneously praised him for his contribution to the HK music circles and his spirit of struggling against the disease. He set a good
example for those young people who don’t value their lives.

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    此外,文中还有几处表达显得生硬,如第三段中the news that he got cancer flew into our ears不符合英语的表达习惯,可改为word came that he had cancer。还有his illness prevented him from doing that,最好改为he was too weak to do that。