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澳大利亚代写论文 如何健康生活 healthy life

With thedeveolopment of Chinese economic, people’s living standard improve. Meat ismuch more available to people. Meanwhile, the increasing pressure makes peoplehas no time to exercise. As a result, a large number people are suffering obesityor more or less illness. So, more and more people are dreaming to keep fit inboth physical and mental. To reach the goal, I have some suggestions following.


To beginwith, exercise is the most important factor. Doing exercise can not only buildpeople’s body but also relax themseves. People always say that exercise onehour everyday, healthy lifetime. So I suggest those people who want to be healthshould do exercise everyday. Considering their time, people can do exerciseafter work or after school even one or twice a week. They can chose to palysports, running, walking, swimming or any other exercise that can relaxthemselves. Secondly, it is nessary to keep a good diet. There is saying,”Aapple a day keeps the doctor away.” People need to eat less meat and morevegetable to get enough vitamin and reduce the needless fat. Last but notleast, always keeping a good mood can make half the work with double results. Agood mood is essential to do a happy life. So please smile to your life and notget angry easily.


To sumup, different people have different attitude towards their life. But everyonewants a healthy life. Just remember do more exercise, eat more vegetable andkeep a good mood. Tomorrow will be better.