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飞机市场意味着价格上涨是常数增加5%后的子公司负责生产削减财政支持。a – 380的引入到空客已经影响到价格和市场份额的波音747。a – 380有一个显著的负面结果的价值和零售业中的747宽体出售。这个结果表明,空客和波音变大其产品线,多产品公司收入最大化的要求变得更加复杂意识到公司的现有表示价格和其创新模型的特殊性(Gillespie,2007)。

飞机市场分为两个产品组即窄体和宽体飞机。窄体飞机是唯一的通道,短程飞机6000公里,这些通常携带100到200名乘客。在这组顶部平面是波音737,波音757和空客- 320。宽体飞机两次通道、中远程飞机14000公里这通常携带200到450名乘客。这个类别中的顶级飞机是波音747,波音777和空客- 300(Lioukas,2000)。宽体市场,飞机也显著不同的特征根据是否用于服务中程例如,波音767、空客- 300和- 310、dc – 10,和l – 1011或扩展范围市场例如,波音747和777年,空客- 330和- 340和md – 11。因此,竞争比它们之间更极端的每个类别内。


The widebody market implies that price rising are constant with 5 percent increase in the subsidiary charge of manufacture after the financial support cuts. The introduction of the A-380 by Airbus had impact on the prices and market shares of Boeing 747. The A-380 has a significant negative outcome on the value and retailing of the 747 within the wide-body sell. This end result shows that as Airbus and Boeing get bigger their product line over occasion, income maximization by multi-product companies becomes more complicated as requirement for a firm’s existing representation is aware of the price and distinctiveness of its innovative models (Gillespie, 2007).

The market for aircraft divided into two product groups namely narrow-body and Wide-body plane. Narrow-body airplane are sole aisle, short-range aircraft up to 6,000 km, these usually carry 100 to 200 passengers. The top plane in this group is the Boeing 737, the Boeing 757, and the Airbus A-320. Wide-body airplanes are twice over aisle, medium to long-range plane up to 14,000 km these usually carry between 200 to 450 passengers. The top aircraft in this category are the Boeing 747, the Boeing 777, and the Airbus A-300 (Lioukas, 2000). In the wide-body market, aircraft also differ significantly in terms of their features according to whether they are intended for serving the medium range for example, the Boeing 767, the Airbus A-300 and A-310, DC-10, and L-1011 or extended range marketplace for example, Boeing 747 and 777, the Airbus A-330 and A-340, and the MD-11. Therefore the competition is more extreme within each category than between them.