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The main reason for writing these two pieces of scientific discussion was the desire to understand the modern world. Cognition is important for philosophers of the whole world and searching for the most effective ways for understanding the nature Locke and Bacon came to two opposite ways in understanding different processes. Bacon and Locke apply to deductive and inductive methods, which differ by the starting point and the vision of the beginning of the research. It is difficult to understand the surrounding world, as sometimes it seems to be indescribable and confusing; however, Bacon and Locke managed to prove that appropriate approach to cognition under correct conditions and in appropriate time with a restricted number of actions may lead to solving the mystery of the surrounding world. Each mystery should be considered from the side of an appropriate perspective or theory.

Considering the main idea of inductive and deductive method, one should imagine a problem, which he/she wants to dwell upon. Applying to the deductive method, the problem should be considered from a general perspective. Further, the researcher should concretize and specify the issue turning to the very particular aspect, which is important. Having an opportunity to prove that the general rule is appropriate for the specific one, a person applies to the deductive method. Inductive method presupposes anther vision of the situation, when dealing with one specific action a person has to prove that the same condition is typical for the general audience. Thus, the generalization of the results is based on the inductive method. Bacon and Locke described these two methods in detail. Writing their pieces of literature, Locke and Bacon tried to deliver their vision of solving the problem of world cognition. Trying to present their methods, these people could not imagine that they open up the methods which are going to be used in the scientific world for many discoveries, as trying to solve any problem, working on the mystery, etc. researchers and scholars use either inductive or deductive methods to conduct a research.