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澳洲代写 生活节奏 pace of life

Looking around, you will find interestingdifference between people’s pace of life. Some are always in a hurry and try toget everything done as soon as possible, while some other people always taketheir time and lead their life in a slow pace. What do you think is better? Inmy opinion, different life paces reflect various life concepts and both typeshave advantages and disadvantages.


One the one hand, people living a fast pacelife are easier to get success. The people who are got used to in a hurry allthe time will have more time to do the things that they want. And most of themare active. They have more opportunity to enjoy the happiness of success.However, they also lose something when they are hurry to pursue success. Theyforget to stop to enjoy life itself or treasure the beautiful scenery in theirlife. As a result, those people always have lots of success, but lack of love.


On the other hand, people who living a slowpace always can enjoy their life and be happy. The slow coaches always are moretolerant to themselves and others. They would have less stress for themselves,which may bring better mental and physical health. If they don’t pushthemselves to finish task, they will have more time to enjoy the beautifulscenery around their life and taste life. But, this kind of people will haveless chance to be successful, because they don’t put their mind on it.


To sum up, the pace of life just is people’schoice. It is their life concept. There is nothing good or bad. But as for me,I may prefer a slower pace of life. It is just personal hobby.


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