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澳洲代写 毕业是否意味着失业?graduation, synonym of unemployment

For many years, especially after the financial crisis in 2008, the employment of college students has been brought to public attention. Under the severe employment situation, job-hunting is being a more tough challenge for graduates. Therefore, we often hear that graduation is the synonym of unemployment, which brings great anxiety to graduates. But is this really the case? As far as I am concerned, graduation is not the synonym of unemployment.


There’s no doubt that today’s labor market is not what it was years ago, and the advantages of college graduates are not so superior. Therefore, the first thing we have to do is having a clear understanding of the changes in the situation and shift our psychology and expectation. Control our expected salary in a reasonable bound. Besides, chances are always for those people who are prepared adequately. Because of the prosperous economy and improving employment markets, there still are plenty of opportunities, but only those who are well prepared can make use of them to achieve their purposes. Furthermore, hold a positive attitude towards employment. It is the firtst step that costs troublesome. Job-hunting is not an easy task and we may be refused by employer, but we can’t be discouraged. We always should be positive and confident to ourselves.


In short, the challenges of employment is always there but it’s not so horrible as we imagine. We should improve ourselves to get a chance and believe that there must be a right job still waiting for us.


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