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总之,泰勒和Robichaud的吸引力的模型是,它似乎为良好的变异提供担保,如公司的“行为”的经济理论,在经典的利润最大化假设取代了一个更全面的识别的无数知识“交易”发生在一个真正的公司。正如Curwen所观察到的,“……行为模型需要包含一个非常广泛的变量很难测试. .“添加,其原则”……未被充分测试现实,和积累的过程经验证据的行为公司将占据研究人员多年来。”(5)。在最后的分析中,一个有用的整体评估可能仍然在帕默和哈代的观察发现,€¦”一个€¦说话和行动之间的联系还不清楚。因此,我们只有一个不清楚的语言结构如何与特定的人在特定的组织中,所以管理者的实践经验是有些模糊。”


The second point which must be made is simply that of context. Taylor and Robichaud’s analysis, as far as can be adduced from its juxtaposition of the primary source, faithfully interprets the dynamic of the intrinsic discourse. However, what would be the consequence for their thesis if it were applied in a radically contrasting management context? Take for example, the Japanese practice of operations management via the ‘big room’ or Obeya, where ‘â¦many visual management tools are displayed…by the responsible representatives of the various functional specialities…These tools can be reviewed by any of the team members. Any deviation from schedule or performance targets is immediately visible in the obeya.’ (4). This is, admittedly, an extreme shift in context, but the importance of visual and lateral communication does, it may be argued, suggest the need for more investigation.

In conclusion, the appeal of Taylor and Robichaud’s model is that it seems to offer collateral for well established variants, such as the ‘Behavioural’ economic theory of the firm, in which the classical profit maximisation assumption is supplanted by a more holistic recognition of the innumerable intellectual ‘transactions’ which take place in a real company. As Curwen observes, ‘…a behavioural model needs to encompass a very wide range of variables which makes it difficult to test..’ adding that its principles ‘…have not as yet been adequately tested against reality, and the process of accumulating empirical evidence on the behaviour of firms will occupy researchers for many years to come.’ (5). In the final analysis, a useful overall assessment may still be found in Palmer and Hardy’s observation that… ‘…the link between talk and action is not well understood. Consequently, we have only an unclear idea of how linguistic constructions relate to specific individuals in specific organizations, and so the practical lessons for managers are somewhat vague.’ (6)

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