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Mr. X is admitted in private psychiatric unit I encountered a patient who was diagnosed with substance abuse with co morbid of antisocial behavior. I was taking history of patient suddenly the area Staff came and interrupted in conversation and state criticizing sentence to patient in front of me by which patient felt guilty. From my point of view it was not the proper way of communication.

There are different types of therapeutic communication. Two of them are verbal and nonverbal communications. According to Townsend 2012, verbal communication is that communication in which some body can speak some words to somebody while nonverbal communication is that in which the person himself does not speak some words but he shows his body language to convey or to send his message to his receiver. It is really difficult for us as health care providers to know about patients through any other way. One thing which helps in providing patient centered care is communication. Without communication it is not possible to know all the medical history of patient which is a building block of the care, by which health care providers find what, is the actual condition of the patient.