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当你听到“教育”这个词时,你会想到什么?很难给它下定义。杜威将教育定义为“一种学习的知识,技能,和一群人习惯从一代转移到下一个通过教学、培训、研究、或只是通过汽车启蒙主义”,“教育是一个社会的灵魂,因为它从一代传到另一代。“我觉得这是最恰当和全面的定义,因为教育是区分两个人而不是金钱的东西,教育告诉我们两个人之间的区别。”一个受过教育的人说话不一样,他比一个没有受过教育的人更有道理。一个受过教育的人和一个没有受过教育的人的行为是完全不同的。“当你知道的越多,你就做得越好”(玛雅·安杰洛)。简而言之,教育定义了一个人。没有教育我们是什么?野蛮人?我们需要教育没有教育生活在这个世界上我们不能生存在这个世界如果我们快速发展与进步,巴基斯坦人,得不到教育我们不会长期生存在这个世界上,如果我们需要与世界我们必须快速行动,需要更多的教育,这样我们才能进步与世界否则我们将留下,就像总是别人会欺负我们。所以在这里我将谈谈我们国家的教育系统,巴基斯坦,它的缺陷和我们国家教育系统的好的方面。如果一个国家有值得称赞的教育体系,那么这个国家注定会繁荣。因为教育教一个人生命的意义,它教一个人如何生活在这个世界上。在现代,可以说教育是一个国家征服任何战争,成为一个主权国家的最强大的武器之一。教育是人类区别于动物的东西。每个人生来都有大脑,但教育告诉我们如何使用它,使用它,让我们的生活更容易,更豪华的自己。“做一个受过教育的人意味着无论你身处何种环境,你都能最有效地接触自己的思想。”(Tarry Malik(2012))教育帮助我们了解这个世界,它教会我们如何让这个世界变得更好,不仅是为了我们自己,也是为了整个世界。教育为人类打开了各种启蒙的大门,为我们指明了前进的道路。它建立了整个社会。它照亮了整个社会,从文盲的黑暗到知识的光明。它教会我们自律。另一方面,一个国家如果不改进教育制度就不能进步。


What comes in your mind when you hear the term “Education”? It is very difficult to define it. Dewey defines education as “a form of learning in which knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training, research, or simply through auto didacticism” (Dewey, John, (1916)) G. K. Chesterson also argues that” Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.” And I feel that it is the most appropriate and comprehensive definition because education is the thing which differentiate two people not money, education tells us the difference between two people. An educated person talks differently, he has more sense to his talk than an uneducated person. The behavior of an educated person is totally different from an uneducated person. “When you know better you do better” (Maya Angelou). In short education defines a human being. What are we without education? Barbarian? We need education to live in this world we cannot survive without education in this rapidly developing and progressing world if we, as Pakistanis, do not get educated we will not survive in this world for long if we need to move with the world we have to move fast and have to get more educated so that we can progress with the world otherwise we will be left behind and like always other people will bully us. So in here I will talk about the education system of our country, Pakistan, its flaws and good aspect of education system of our country.If a country has a commendable education system then that country is destined to prosper. Because education teaches a person the meaning of life it teaches a man how to live in this world. In the modern era, one can say that education is one of the most powerful weapons for a nation to conquer any combat and to be a sovereign state. Education is something which differentiates humans from animals. Every person is born with brains but it is education which shows us how to use it and use it to make our life easier and more luxurious for ourselves. “Being an educated person means you have optimal access to your mind regardless of the situation you are in.” (Tarry Malik (2012)) Education helps us understand this world and it teaches us how to make it better not only for ourselves but for the whole world. Education has opened all kinds of doors of enlighten to human kind and shows us the path of progress. It builds the whole society. It enlightens the whole society from the darkness of illiteracy to the light of knowledge. It teaches us discipline. And on the other hand a country cannot progress without improving its education system.