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从研究所的反馈中可以看出,知识的缺乏和时间的限制。也有不足的导师可用于指导环境设计的主题。史葛,W. Gough,S.(2007)说:“关注教育理念的缺失,以及使用的研究方法一直是哲学家的环境教育发展的一个障碍。”也试图找到新的方法来解决这个问题。同样,Jickling B(1997:87)解释为环境教育的再思考,“这是要振兴的环境教育¾更新时间。这些不只是我的话,而是不同的观点和代表不同的研究传统的人的情绪。” 范式战争[ 5 ]在《教育哲学百科全书》中解释了这一术语,称之为“战争”或称之为现存教育系统的问题,这不是第一次出现问题,特别是在环境教育中冲突不断加剧。这是一个永不结束的话题,为什么很多人没有找到解决的办法,其他人建议在研究人员之间进行辩论。Gough,N.(1999)称为自我批判的修正方法和环境教育讨论的方式进行弥补的鼓励方式走向环境教育所带来的人员



From the feedback of institute it was seen that there was lack of knowledge and time restriction. There is also insufficient tutor’s available to guide the subject of environmental design. By Scott, W. and Gough, S. (2007) says “the lack of attention to education philosophy, and the research method employed by philosopher has been an impediment to development of environmental education.” Also tries to incorporate new methods to overcome the problem. Similarly, Jickling, B. (1997:87) explain to rethinking of environmental education, “it is time for renewal ¾ time for environmental education to be revitalized. These are not just my words, but the sentiments of others who hold different perspectives and represent different research traditions.”
‘Paradigm war [5] ‘ in book Encyclopaedia of Philosophy of Education explains the term as the war of or call it’s as problem of existing education system it’s not the first time the problem have raised especially in the environmental education the conflict grew. It’s a never ending topic so why not many come to a solution to it, other have suggested debate among the researchers. Gough, N. (1999) called for self-critical revision the way to approach environment and environmental education discussion were make up to encourage way approaching towards environmental education which were brought by researchers.