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城市大陆肯辛顿大酒店是一家三星级酒店。它位于11 – 13 Penywern路,伯爵法院,伦敦。伯爵法院是旅游景点的中心从几十年来自世界各地的。这份报告强调反馈方法,用来收集意见和评论有关城市大陆肯辛顿酒店的客人。报告解释的使用这些收集反馈,这些反馈是如何反应的。





The City Continental Kensington Hotel is a three star hotel. It is located at 11-13 Penywern Road, Earls Court, London. Earls court is the centre of attraction for the tourist from all over the world from many decades. This Report emphasizes on the feedback methods, uses to collect opinions and comments from the guest about The City Continental Kensington Hotel. The report explains about the uses of these collected feedbacks and how these feedbacks are responds.

Next, This report analysis the impacts of the feedbacks on the customer care strategies. The report gives an overview about the smooth operations of The City Continental Kensington Hotel and as well as the steps it takes while implementing changes in its customer care strategies and procedures. Lastly there are few recommendations and suggestions for the hotel’s customer care strategies, which improve the productivity and word of mouth.

The City Continental Kensington Hotel is a part of the Splendid Group of Hotels, and used to be known as Comfort Inn, Earl’s Court. It is nice and affordable hotel according to the facilities whether situated in the heart of London. It has sixty rooms altogether which includes twenty small rooms, thirty-three double room and seven triple (Family) rooms.

The City Continental Kensington is a delightful hotel that prides itself on friendly service, efficient and attentive. The newly renovated rooms designed, modern, professional and friendly staffs create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere for all guests. The City Continental Kensington provides affordable accommodation (as compare to other hotels) in Kensington near Olympia Exhibition Centre & Earls Court Exhibition Centre. Earls Court station is two minutes walk from City Continental London Kensington Hotel, which has excellent connections to all parts of London.