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Hit movies are always fun to watch at the theater. Finding just the right seat to watch a big name Hollywood film is an important part of the experience. Many things go into making a terrific movie, but a film-maker’s use of camera techniques, lighting details, and different camera shots can all make a big difference between a good movie and a great one.

When people go to the theater they tend to look for just the right seat to get the best movie experience. They do not appreciate people getting into their space. Having an appropriate number of seats between movie goers makes a picture more enjoyable. At least one seat on either side with no one directly in front is the optimum seating arrangement for me to enjoy a movie. I prefer at least three or four seats on either side and no one in front or behind me at all. According to Edward T. Hall “proxemic patterns” (text 85) are determined by what goes on around an organism or individual. Noisy children, people blocking my view, or looking over my shoulder make me feel too crowded. I want to focus on the movie not annoying people. If someone uninvited sits next to me in a nearly empty theater, I wonder why he or she did not respect my territory and move over. A personal space of at least “eighteen inches away to about four feet away” (text85) makes me feel less threatened during a movie.

When someone mentions a “Hollywood” movie, I immediately think of famous actors like Harrison Ford, Nicholas Cage, or Tom Hanks. I expect an engaging, highly publicized film that appeals to the general public and makes lots of money. If someone describes a film to me as being “very Hollywood” I think it is probably a good movie and worth viewing. I ask about the actors, the rating, and genre to see if I want to view it. Whether a movie is from the 1930’s or 1940’s or a current movie, makes a difference in what a Hollywood movie might be like. I think older movies tend to have better story lines and newer movies have better computer generated effects. Older movies had no computers around to do the hard work of making the computer generated effects used in today’s movies. No matter when the movie was released, I still expect popular actors and a movie that draws a big crowd.