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苹果是风暴之眼,它的忠实追随者期望,但不再把它作为该行业的先锋。它已经变成了保卫其领土,而不是取得了新突破。考虑到新发布的iPad迷你,在后公司做了一些已故领导人蔑视——苹果公司与竞争对手进行隐式战斗,其中最主要是三星。此外,他们惹恼了一些最好的客户同时受到挤压不可阻挡的快速发展的行业的压力。在市场狂热的早期技术的采用者,总的销售来自新的和更新的产品。因此,迷你iPad,iPhone 5,在其他苹果产品,最近亮相。



Apple is at the eye of the storm, where its devoted followers expect it, but no longer regard it as a pioneer in the industry. It has turned to defending its territory rather than breaking new ground. Taking the newly released iPad Mini into consideration, the post-Jobs company did something its late leader disdained – Apple engaged in implicit combat with its competitors, chief among which was Samsung. In addition, they annoyed some of their best customers whilst being squeezed by the unstoppable pressure of the rapidly evolving industry. In a market of avid early technology adopters, sales, by and large come from new and refreshed products. Hence, the iPad Mini and iPhone 5, amongst other Apple products, were recently debuted.

Recently, Apple announced their fourth quarter earnings for 2012 which showed a staggering $36 billion turnover and $8.2 billion net profit. As stated, the two core product lines that I aim to focus on are Smartphones and Tablets. Apple sold 26.9 million iPhones in this quarter in comparison to 17.01 million in 2011. 14 million iPads were sold which is a 20.5% growth increase in one year. This being said, it has never been Apples’ number one goal to capture the majority market share, nor become the most valuable company in the world. At the core of Apple it was always Steve Jobs’ vision to produce only “insanely great” products.

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