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澳洲论文代写 一男孩死于家庭离异 a boy killed by family break-up

On September 28, 2012, a piece of news carried amiddle-school student’s letter written before his suicide. In his letter, the15-year-old boy earnestly begged his father to give up his bad behavior andrenew a cordial relationship with his mother. After reading the letter, myheart bled bitterly. Though suffering greatly from his troubled family, the boyhad a deep love for his young life, his lovely classmates and his respectableteachers. But to bring back his father’s moral and a happy family, he ended hislife by swallowing pesticide.


Poor kid, why did you resort to such an unwise move?Since you dearly loved your parents, you could have done otherwise. You showedthe world with your pure, innocent and kind heart that you longed for abeautiful life and hated the evil. But you chose the wrong way to realize yourdesires and wishes.


The tragedy exposed a grave social problem: domesticviolence and lack of family communication. Clearly, marriage break-ups do greatand inevitable harm to children. As we know, each family, as a cell of society,is concerned with social stability and happiness of its people, and moreimportantly, the future of a nation.


People often say parents are the first teachers oftheir children. Parents’ behaviors greatly affect the growth and development oftheir children. A happy and harmonious family environment is essential tochildren’s healthy growth. Personally, this incident may serve as a warning toparents, who are expected to regulate their behaviors and set a good example tocreate a good environment for their children’s life and study. Let’s remember:harmony starts from home.