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餐馆也另一个地区旅游比另一个更重要的领域使用的信息技术设施。和餐厅根据他们的评级变化几乎所有豪华餐馆使用相同的技术,为客户提供他们的服务。餐厅需要使用信息技术来促进和组织他们的工作遵循特殊的财务管理规定,因为其重要性,以避免错误,分歧和冲突,可能会导致负面的结果,餐厅使用其在许多过程,如:支付系统,预订,组织客户账户,使订单通过使用互联网,不同的程序存储员工信息,组织账户,如员工工资和福利,因为餐厅是一个经济单位在旅游业所以餐厅需要特别先进的系统组织的损失和利润。实际上有两种主要类型的餐厅:1 -服务餐厅的桌子上。2 -餐厅提供快餐,他们使用它的同时为顾客提供所有服务的最佳方式,因为在餐馆信息技术活动的速度。


And all this is being done by a particular system in order to avoid the mistakes that they may occur before entering the technology and also to avoid any complaints from visitors to the hotel. There are many studies that have demonstrated through the success of information technology in the hotels and also they found that ITs make things easier for people during their stay in hotels, and they are encouraging development in this area to provide better and better services.

Restaurants also another area in tourism which is no less important than the other areas that use the information technology in their facilities. And Restaurants vary according to their ratings almost all luxury restaurants use same technology while providing their services for the customers. Restaurants need to use information technology to facilitate and organize their work by following special regulations for financial management because of their importance to avoid mistakes, disagreements and conflicts that may cause negative results, restaurants use ITs in their many processes such as for: payment system, reservation, organizing client accounts, to make orders through different programs by using internet, to store employee information, to organize accounts such as staff salary and benefits, and because the restaurant is one of the economic unit in tourism industry so the restaurant needs especial advanced systems for organizing the losses and profits in it. Actually there are two main types of restaurant: 1- on the table service restaurants.2- restaurants serving fast food, and both of them use ITs while providing their all services for the customers in the best way because of the speed of information technology in restaurants activities.