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Brand awareness measures customer’s knowledge regarding brand existence,(Keller, 2009) Fitzgerald, Kate in his article presented the findings in a survey of customer advertising recall in the United States where Pepsi-Cola have outperformed Nike as an advertiser reminded. But if we see the web site of Nike store, we can say that they have designed their website very attractively to create brand awareness. For example we can say that if we open the selected site we can see that, in the first page there is quote like “South Africa awaits”. As the football world cup is coming so, that quote reminds the customer that Nike is always with major sports events. And that can be viewed as a good example of customer awareness.

Brand association refers to the situation when particular brand call comes in to mind as an attribute to the product category. (Keller, 2009) In an article O’Loughlin, Sandra highlighted that the effort to bring Michael Jordan in case to training line work out shoe by Nike was a huge step in case of brand associations. The reflection of brand association we can see in the selected web site where the tennis star Serena Williams is posing for Nike at the first page of the Nike store site. These types of strategies can create huge impact on the mind of customer.

Refers to the situation where customer shows their authenticity towards any particular brand. (Keller, 2009) In a newspaper Duguid, Sid informed that there can be negative side of brand loyalty from the companies prospective. He mentioned that the premier league side Manchester United has failed to win any trophies this season and Nike officials warns the club that they may reconsider about their sponsorship if the club failed again in the next season. But there is no drought regarding the brand loyalty of Nike form customer’s prospective. As according to the data monitor we can say that Nike’s portfolio of brand continues to grow day by day and it represent the loyalty of Nike as a brand.

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