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广告放在电视,自从他们介绍了非常受欢迎,即使在今天。但它可以是非常昂贵的。成本,然而,往往取决于它的持续时间,即黄金时间播出时间/高峰时间,在soap或seriel /计划,它将重复多少遍,当然受欢迎或评级频道将播出的广告


Avery popular form of advertising, is Outdoor advertising .It uses several tools and techniques to attract the consumers . Outdoor advertising is as on billboards ,mobile van billboards and transit posters. It is mostly or usually used to support advertisements which are placed in other medias. Consumer often have only fleeting veiw to billboards and transit posters, for which an efficient use of graphics and headings are required. Billboard advertising is very popular. The billboards have to be on signals where there is much traffic and in areas where more crowd .Mobile vans with billboards are also a very effective way of advertising. They can be stationed in one place or be moving around town.

Organizing several events , sponsoring them,is an excellent way of advertising thereby showcasing the companies product or services . The company organizes trade fairs, exhibitions and advertises its products. Or the company can organize several events which they are closely associated with , for eg a company that manufactures sports utilities can sponsor a sports tournament ,thereby it gets an opportunity to advertise its products.

Advertisements placed on Television ,are very popular ever since they have been introduced, are so even today.It can be very expensive though .The cost ,however , often depends on its duration , broadcast time ie prime time/peak time ,on which soap or seriel/programme, how many times it will be repeated and of course the popularity or rating of the channel on which the ad will be aired