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在西方社会,我们正处于一场技术革命。随着世界变得越来越数字化,有改变人们交流方式的,他们购买产品的方式和他们交往的方式。这个数字革命也贡献了ti图形设计在过去的十年里的变化。合并之前的项目如Adobe Photoshop,夸克表达和Autodesk Maya,我们将永远无法看到数字作品的复杂性,我们现在可以看到今天。



In our society technology is the dominant industry. In this essay I plan to look at how technology has impacted not only western society but in particularly graphic design since the digital revolution. We in the field of graphic design are particularly affected by technology although the digital age has increased possibilities for designers; it has also had a number of possible negative effects. I plan to look at both sides of the argument in detail and give examples of how they contrast with one another and yet in the right hands can be used together to create visually engaging pieces.

In western society, we are in the middle of a technological revolution. As the world has become increasingly digital, there has been a change in the way people communicate, the way that they purchase items and the way that they socialize. This digital revolution has also contributed ti changes in graphic design over the last decade. Before the amalgamation of programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Quark Express and Autodesk Maya, we would never be able to see digital pieces of the complexity that we can currently see today.

Not only has technology altered the way that work is created, it has also completely changed the way that we present our work. Today most designers have at least one form of online presence; be it a Facebook fan page, a twitter feed, a blog where they share their thoughts or even just a portfolio site where their work is showcased, many designers use the internet as their main source of publicity. It is due to the ability to show things, such as moving animation work or interactive multimedia pieces and the fact that designers can share a higher percentage of their work without limitations of size or quality makes using digital technology so appealing. “With a traditional paper portfolio, it is rarely possible to accommodate all our workâ¦.with a laptop we can take everything”

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