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Meta narratives and micro narratives are a pivotal part of looking at our world through one lens, or in the case of micro narratives, several. I find these two, separate ideas fascinating because in the case of Meta Narratives, it finally puts Science and Religion under the same spotlight, together. To me though, Meta Narratives cannot really be realistically applied to one social or cultural issue, simply because it is my belief that there is no such thing as a universal truth; just theories. Therefore, I find it hard to believe that there could be unified story, or a story of a story, that would somehow explain the history of our human experience as a whole. One could easily explain the origins of the world through the bible, or the big bang theory, and find an equal amount of argument against the respective theory coming from one perspective or the other.

For example, different musicians all across the world have different narratives about what music means to them, and what it communicates to them and their listeners. My music of choice might be too loud for some, too conservative for others, and too short/long for another group altogether. These narratives although different, make up a mosaic of an umbrella that tells the story of the human experience regarding something as trivial as my taste in music (I really hope I haven’t lost you yet. It is late and my mind is wandering).