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澳洲珀斯论文代写 : 学校制服

But do school uniforms really help in school? Public schools should not have school uniforms. They are an extra burden to those families that can not afford them. Students would need to wear school uniforms five times a week and usually own at least two. That makes buying clothes more expensive. The students would not wear them outside of school causing parents to buy more clothes. School uniforms are also unappealing to most students. They cause school to be boring and dull. Students wear their own individual clothing to express their creativity and uniqueness. Teenagers need to be able to express themselves, that is part of the learning experience. With school uniforms, students lose that ability at school. School uniforms ultimately cost more in the long run. Parents have to spend more money on regular clothes and then again uniforms. They also need to spend more money cleaning them. Most importantly there is no proof that school uniforms improve student’s academic achievement. For these reasons, school uniforms should not be a requirement in public schools.