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Annual number of people who experience a spinal cord injury: About 12,000 new cases of spinal cord injury occur each year. Spinal cord injury can be causes by motor vehicle accidents, falls; violence, sports incidents and other or unknown [19]. The paraplegic is people that injured at spinal cord. This injury can cause paralyze on any part of patient body or the whole body. This is call spinal cord injuries by neurologist. Spinal cord injury is damage to the spinal cord that causes loss of sensation and motor control. The incidence (new spinal cord injuries) is expected to be much higher in our country for example, in the Neurosurgical service in Sarawak General Hospital, there is a case of spine injury every month [21].

Paraplegic need movement rehabilitation to treat the paralyze. There are few types of rehabilitation among them; treatment, medicine, movement exercise and FES. Sit to stand movement is one of the methods for treatment and exercise. It was a very common and easy exercise for the patient. The traditional way of treatment, patient will be help by other person for their exercise and will use only the upper body muscle to perform the exercise and the lower body muscle will get weaker. In recent years, progress in medical engineering has made it possible to restore movement in paraplegic persons through the use of functional electrical stimulation (FES).FES is one of the treatments that can be use. FES can help by forcing the muscle to move with a low level of electrical current. It will help patient for their exercise. FES can be control by many type of controller; fuzzy logic is one of the controllers that had been use and still under observation.