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A term which is used for a form of franchise in the retail sector is known as symbol group. They do not own or operate stores, but act as suppliers to independent grocers and small supermarkets and produce stores which then trade under a common banner. Rather than by actively developing new outlets they have expanded primarily by selling their services to existing stores. SPAR is a well-known symbol group with stores in many countries.

In order to be successful business Spar should apply S.M.A.R.T (Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time based). Processes of defining work within company for instance, what are the specific requirements of Customers at Leith? Whether they want reduction in price or payment option by card, it should be achievable whether it affects business or not. These SMART objectives would be easy and helpful for Spar to make targets realistic and easy achievable and for that they have to create a plan. Specific; e.g., they should focus on their credit card payment. Measurable; Spar should be able to meet the needs and demands or they can conduct a survey to measure their services/products and they can improve it. They should know that when we are going to achieve it. Achievable; after dividing the tasks they should have to make sure that they all are achievable, e.g., serving 1 customer in 3 minutes. Realistic; it should be within the availability of resources, knowledge and time. Only those tasks should be carried which are realistic, such as providing hot and fresh food. Time based; all the tasks should be enough to achieve the goal, it should not take too long so that it affect the performance. This is what I learned from in HNC Business (MPO). They should also focus on their queuing system card payment option, which could be a strong reason for customers not to choose Spar.