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Social scientist have defined spirituality as the search for “the sacred”, where it is broadly defined as that which is set apart from the ordinary and worthy of respect. According to these scientists spirituality can be sought not only through traditional organized religion, but also through movements such as the feminist theology and ecological spirituality. Because many Christian traditions imagine God to be male, solely because so many human societies privilege men over women. Many Christian theologies and rules grant men a fuller participation than women in the life of the church, restricting women to a lesser role. Feminist theology intentionally works against the sexism of these traditions. Ecological spirituality begins, as any spirituality must, by authenticating moral practice. No one is holy who is not first good. Hence, disciples who are spiritually alive actively seek to discern God’s will and act as collaborators with God. Today, this must include a reassessment of what Genesis means when it tells humankind to subdue the earth and have dominion over all living things on it. Can we be collaborators with our Creator if we wantonly pollute air, pile up atomic waste, denude our forests, and foul our rivers and lakes? No. A serious spirituality begins with a deep conversion from callous tearing of whatever we want from the earth to a caring stewardship.

Spirituality can be approached in various ways. Some approach it as the wholehearted living of Christian faith, creed, moral code, and worship. Some consider spirituality as humanity’s innate reaching for self-transcendence and for ultimate meaning. Some insist that spirituality must include a God-centered struggle for justice. But for almost everyone, spirituality implies a direct relationship with God.