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文献综述的目的是确保我们分析所有的特征影响消费者行为中发挥着重要的作用。文献综述的目的是选择有前途的措施,方法(Mamchak Mamchak,1994)。识别和强调的重要变量和记录重要的早期研究结果将作为调查的理论框架的基础上,可以构建和开发的假说(塞卡让2003)。根据研究目标,研究人员将提供相关概念在当前文学在这一章的复习。




The purpose of the literature review is to make sure that we analyze all the characteristics that play an important role in affecting the consumer behavior. The purpose of the literature review is to select a promising measure, methods (Mamchak and Mamchak, 1994). Identify and highlight the important variables and document the significant results of earlier research that will serve as the basis on which the theoretical framework of the investigation can be built and the hypothesis developed (Sekaran, 2003). Based on the research objectives, the researcher will provide relevant concepts in the review of current literature in this chapter.

Role and status – all of us hold positions within groups, organizations, and institutions. Associated with each position there is an important role to play, there are set of activities a person in particular position is supposed to perform based on expectations of both individual and surrounding people, because a person can occupy different roles for example role of a son, husband, father, mother, church priest, employee, and student. There are multiple sets of expectations which are placed on an individual person so this affects the consumer behavior. (Pride and Ferrell, 2007)

An individual role influences the buying behavior, the demand of a person’s many roles may be diverse and inconsistent. Considering the various types of sports accessories that may an individual buy and wear will be depending on whether you are sporting which type of sports or what type of sports accessories an individual may like, and others involved in these types of setting and the environment has expectations what is acceptable accessories for the purpose. The expectations of those consumers may affect the purchase of those sports accessories and products.

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