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最近的一项研究旨在发现离婚对兄弟姐妹的影响到成年,他们批评目前大多数的研究集中在儿童和青少年时期(如兄弟姐妹关系。麦金农,阿马托,1987;1987)或成年早期(Mivelsky,2004,,2004)。多数研究表明离婚对兄弟姐妹的关系产生负面影响,包括(麦金农,1989;Panish &斯特里克,1989;希恩,达林顿,nol,&捐助,2004),发现兄弟姐妹关系更多的敌意和冲突,以更低的质量和较低的离异家庭的支持。研究表明父母的冲突与离婚可以为孩子创造压力,(阿马托,2000),它可以在两种不同的方式影响他们。首先,兄弟姐妹可能靠近,开发一个兄弟债券支持,(银行和卡恩,1982),或通过压力成敌意和攻击性对其他兄弟姐妹,(康吉鳗,通用电气,长老,洛伦兹&西蒙斯,1994)。



A recent study was designed to discover the effects of divorce on siblings through to adulthood, as they criticised most current studies had focussed on sibling relationships in childhood and adolescence (e.g., Amato, 1987; Mackinnon, 1989) or young adulthood (Mivelsky, 2004; Riggio, 2001). Majority of research studies have shown divorce to have a negative impact on sibling relationships, including (MacKinnon, 1989; Panish & Stricker, 2001; Sheehan, Darlington, Noller, & Feeney, 2004), who found sibling relationships are more hostile and conflicted, at a lower quality and with lower support in divorced families. Research suggests parental conflict associated with divorce can create stress for children, (Amato, 2000), which can affect them in two different ways. Firstly, the siblings may get closer, developing a sibling bond as support, (Bank and Kahn, 1982), or by transmuting stress into hostility and aggression towards other siblings, (Conger, Ge, Elder, Lorenz & Simons, 1994).

The aim was to further the understanding of the effect of parental divorce on sibling relationships using three main aims, to assess divorce in adulthood, to understand how parental conflict affects the sibling bond and to gain a deeper understanding of the conditions which parental divorce is more or less detrimental to the sibling relationship. The literature discussed suggests divorce has a negative effect on sibling relationships, and so it was expected siblings to have less contact, more conflict and lower relationship quality than siblings from intact families, co-operating these three areas into their study.

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