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Recently, Civil Aviation Authority underwent Restructuring and Change Management process to meet the present and future challenges. This organizational transformation process identified Structure, Culture, Skills, and Rewards as four tracks on which simultaneous emphasis is being laid. The Vision, Mission, and Core Values have been identified. Wide-angle buy-in process by CAA senior management with staff and lower levels for bridging communication gaps between different hierarchical levels of the organization has been taken. As a result of the Restructuring process, the fundamental organization structure has been balanced to focus on three core areas namely Regulatory, Air Navigations Services, and Airport Services. These Core / Line functions are fully supported by the various corporate functions of the organization. [vi]

These sectors are back up and running because of the fact that the economic crisis is now improving and slowly people are returning back to their normal lives and businesses have stabilized and thus they are back to doing business as they were before the crisis took place a few years ago in the world.

Business class has not recovered fully either on the other hand. Passengers who used to fly these classes now resort to flying economy or taking budget airlines. This is due to the new reforms that some companies have come up with restricting the use of the high end seats by its employees in an effort to save up on the money.