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妇女的尊严应该受到社会的每一个个体的尊重,因为妇女是社会的平等的合作伙伴。据北京妇女Joaquin Navarro Valls博士会说(1995)“女性的尊严是对国家的一部分的任何识别的前提。没有一个清晰的认识,对人的尊严的含义,歧视将无法避免。“但不幸的是,这样的尊重和荣誉不能维持,导致一个不打折扣的问题,如家庭暴力。它可以被定义为:


家庭暴力是影响妇女健康和健康的最严重的问题。它范围从单一的伤害对生活的长期残疾。Marjorie McAtee(2010)提到:“家庭暴力可以有许多人常常是受害者的女性的长期影响。这些影响可以远远超出眼前的伤害。”





A lady was crying in the arbitrator room because her husband severely beat him yesterday, the face of the lady was swollen and her hands were injured. It was the case of Domestic violence.

Dignity of women should be respected by every individual of the society, because the Women are the equal partner of the society. According to Beijing conference on women Dr Joaquin Navarro-Valls said (1995) “The dignity of women is prerequisite to any recognition on the part of the State. Without a clear understanding of the meaning of human dignity, discrimination will never be avoided.” But unfortunately such respect and honor could not be maintained and which resulted in an uncompromised issues such as domestic violence. It can be defined as:

“A continuum of behavior ranging from verbal abuse, physical and sexual assault to rape even homicide.” (Department of Health DOH 2000)

Domestic violence is the most serious problems that affect the health and wellbeing of the women. It ranges from single injury to life long disabilities. As Marjorie McAtee (2010) mentioned that: “Domestic violence can have a number of long-term effects on the women who are often its victims. These effects can extend far beyond immediate injury.”

It was shocked me when my friend told the story which said lady presented in front of him. The lady told that:

“I got married at the age of 21 and delivered the first baby girl within the periods of

12 months. On the completion of the second year of my marriage my husband showing irresponsible attitudes towards providing finance and participating in social activities. He starts to abuse language and threaten me; day by day his attitude become worse and he disallowed me to go out even to my parent house. I’m so sacred to him. One night he came very late and he was drunk, when I ask the reasons to late and drunk, he come to me and slaps me and start biting me with his belt, it’s now became his habit to beat , torture and abuse me, many time our neighbors came and intervene us. I’m so worried about my baby because I can not give her proper time. I also feel myself unhealthy as physically and mentally.”

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