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此外,客户谁出国旅行业务可以预定会议室,可以使用他们的休息室。这让客户所有的麻烦时,他们出国旅游企业旅游,并允许他们专注于与所有的银行设施在他们的处置。如果您在昆士兰州留学遇到学术难题或没空来写作业,欢迎体验我们的 布里斯班论文代写 服务


Barclays Premier has witnessed a downward trend in its premier customers over the last two years. Management of Barclays Premier needs to analyze the behavior of their customers, the external and internal factors that influence this behavior and most importantly what has factors have led to a change in the behavior of their customers over the last two years.

This report will thoroughly study the factors influencing the behavior of Barclay’s customers and how has those factors led a fall in sales of Barclays Premier. After a complete analysis of the customer behavior, it will further devise strategies which may help to improve the worsening sales of Barclay’s Premier.

As Barclays Premier says: “Discover a world where the ordinary does not exist, where every day is special, where every moment is exceptional” (Barclays )

Barclays Premier is designed for a service that focuses on clients individual offshore banking needs. The clients of Barclays Premier take benefit from swift and efficient responses, and gain access to exclusive banking products with improved rates.

Barclays provides its customers with dedicated Relationship Managers, Premier clients can take pleasure of a complete peace of mind as Relationship Managers work with their clients to determine the solutions that best suit their needs. They focus on client’s long term requirements and anticipate their requirements in order to give their best to the prestigious clients. Moreover a dedicated team of professionals is also there at all the braches and service centers to assist clients, handle their requests and get your transactions done within impressive time. (Barclays )

Barclay’s premier offers their clients with specially designed well-furnished Premier Corners. Here they carry out all their banking transactions quickly, conveniently and in complete privacy. Premier Corners are designed to provide clients with quality surroundings and all the amenities to make your visit productive and enjoyable. Premium corners even provide a kids place for kids while parents are at the corner Barclays claims about its Premier Corners that “Banks are designed for banking but Barclays Premier Centers are designed for Life” (BARCLAYS)

Moreover customers who travel abroad for business can pre-book the conference rooms and can use their lounges. This lets the customers off with all the hassle when they travel abroad for corporate tours and allows them to focus on work with all the banking facilities at their disposal.