Biotechnology Assignment 代写 Making Punishment Fit The Crime Criminology Essay

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Crimes such as drug possession, petty theft, and forgery are non-violent, sometimes victimless crimes, yet over half the United States' prison population consists of these type of offenders. Most prisons in the United States house more prisoners than they were built to hold. The United States spends more than forty billion dollars each year on incarceration. Prison overcrowding seems to be the reason that many offenders are kept out of prison, sentenced to short prison terms, and released long before their sentence is complete. Child molesters, armed robbers, and rapists are often paroled as a solution to easing prison overcrowding. Meanwhile, some first-time offenders that commit non-violent crimes are not given the opportunity to be paroled and sometimes end up serving more time than offenders that commit violent crimes.

Alternative sentencing can serve as a remedy to prison overcrowding and unfair punishment. Alternative sentencing is a program designed to make punishments fit the crime. Rather than sending a non-violent offender to prison, offenders are alternatively sentenced to punishments such as probation, electronic monitoring, community service, and drug and alcohol rehabilitation.  Alternative sentencing can help to keep an offender from re- offending, thus decreasing the prison population and spending less taxpayer money on prisons. It can also help inmates who have completed their sentence transition back into society successfully.  Some states, like Pennsylvania, are reducing prison sentences and releasing non-violent prisoners in order for them to participate in alternative sentencing programs.  However, in order to receive alternative sentencing, offenders must meet certain qualifications such as not having a lengthy criminal record, not having committed a serious felony, and must not pose a risk to themselves or the community.