case study methodology怎么写 关于微博的英语作文 micro blog

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     The modern life is becoming more and more colorful. The Internet is an important part of our life. It makes our life more interesting. Do you know about the most popular Internet tool? It named micro blog . It means a small blog. The differences betwwn them are the micro blog is simpler and more convenient than a common blog. The first micro blog website is Twitter. And it’s also the most famous in the world. Now many famous persons in different professions have micro blogs such as Han Han, Liu Xiang, Lady Gaga, Bill Gates and so on.


    Chinese micro blog has about five years of history. Though it’s very short,the micro blogs in China are popular with young people, especially we students. We students believe that micro blog is very useful, we can do many things by using it. For example, we can get news and information quickly. And we can write our feelings, our sense of life and some small things everyday on it, just like keeping a simple diary in 140 worlds or fewer. We can enjoy or upload photos, videos and music easily. What’s more, we can find or create a hot topic, and then talk about the topic with others online. How interesting!


    Lots of my classmates and teachers have micro blogs. I also like using micro blog very much. I often upload my pictures and get some advice from others who can draw well. And it’s also a great way to learn English by using micro blogs. We can try to write three beautiful English sentences and then ask someone to modife them and teach us online.


    All in all,there are many advantages of using micro blogs, this can only give a brief introduction. But remember not to spend too much time on the Internet. Let’s surf the web healthily and grow up happily!