case study怎么写 Analytical Essay On The Usage Of Blogs

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case study怎么写 Analytical Essay On The Usage Of Blogs

Weblog or blog is one of the new features of second generation web (Web 2.0). Blogs have emerged as a new way of online communication when people widely use blogs for purposes such as publishing personal journal, reporting news, sharing knowledge and information and discussing topics of interest including business and politics. Blogs even become a new way of journalism (Lasica, 2003). Herring, Bonus, Scheidt & Wrigth. (pg.1, 2004) define blog as web pages that regularly personalize in which dated entries are listed in reverse chronological sequence, which means the latest entries will be at the first list. The types of blogs have been categorized based on its function. According to Nowson (2003), there are three types of blogs which are news, commentary and journal. While according to Herring et al. (2005, cited in Grimes and Warschauer, 2007), there are three types of blogs each named as personal journals, filter blogs and knowledge log (k-log).

Nowadays, blogs have become an important medium of information because of their timely publication, easy to use (free software), and wide availability. Blogs are one of asynchronous communication tools that according to Vonderwell (2003) it has a factor of delay that affect learning. The nature of blogs that it give learners the space and time to reflect and publish their understandings, provide opportunities to give feedback and express their new ideas, make it a useful teaching and learning tools (Ferdig, 2004). This statement means that asynchronous E-learning increased reflection and capability to process information (Hrastinski, 2008). Blogs are also started to be used as a potential tool in language learning and teaching. For instance, Grimes and Warschauer (2007) stated the work of Bloch (2007) to describe the use of blogging in encouraging critical literacy and academic writing in a university ESL composition class.

Problem Statement

There are previous studies conducted on how the uses of blogs could enhance second language learning. However, the results of the study remain unclear as it is still in early stage to be confirmed. For instance, research by Yu-Chih Sun on Blogging as a way of learning to write supported the claim that blogs help in English language learning. She reported that practicing in wide-ranging writing, gives learners an opportunity to improve their writing proficiency and also to develop their logical thinking skills that vital in writing academic writing. Discussions about the language of blogs in previous studies are also not specified in particular blog's genre. Even though there are some others studies support the claim, there is still concern about the use of language in particular blogs genre especially the English language used by bloggers (user of blogs) in blog's posts, comments and forum discussions. The concern is whether or not the use of English language in particular blogs is appropriate and how far it would aid or jeopardize second language (L2) learners in learning English both for speaking and writing skills.

A number of people publishing personal blogs has been increasing and many people nowadays rely on educational blogs to assist their second language learning outside classrooms. Blogs also have been used for political purposes. In addition, Bloggers come from varies countries and many of them are non-native speaker of English. How they use the language, is there tolerance in grammatical error, formal or informal and what tone bloggers use in different blogs are an arouse issues. In what ways this could help and hinder English learning process are also become a concern. Nilsson (2003, cited in Nowson, 2006) who studied on the language used in a community of researchers' weblogs, stated that there are frequently use of informal language; in-group terms such as, me, my, we, us and our than out-group term such as they, them and their. Moreover he added that blogger write posts in 'short, paratactic sentences' utilizing non-standard constructions and slang. All these issues arouse a question on how do blogging will helps or hinder the process of language learning.

case study怎么写 Analytical Essay On The Usage Of Blogs