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This report will consider the contracting considerations of a small to medium sized tour operator in relation to providing a report based holiday experience for a clientele from socio-economic bands A and B. The report will consider two key elements namely in the form of accommodation and other services in the resort and transportation of an appropriate type to and from the resort.

In considering a possible solution to providing accommodation for the company’s guests there are a number of options open to the small to medium sized tour operator. At the one end of the spectrum the tour operator could consider an option of direct investment. Such an option would see the tour operator investing in hotels and accommodation facilities which at the end of the investment the company would own the facilities which could be used for both its own guests and for the purpose of renting out accommodation to other tour operators which capacity allows for such an options (Holloway et al 2009). However, such an option in the circumstances is an unlikely option for the specific company in question. In the first instance the option is an expensive one, investment in hotel and accommodation facilities can cost millions in there initial investment or more, this may be an unsuitable or even unrealisable option for a small to medium enterprise.

Secondly, the corporate objectives of the company are to minimise risks, direct investment however, may be seen as a considerably risky option for several reasons. In the first case once established, the company will have long term fixed costs to meet over a prolonged period of time, such a problem is not incurred where a contract based option is undertaken and thus the liability to meet expenses is limited to the agreed contract period which could be as short as a single season or less. Secondly, long term investment an overseas location also implies taking on the national risk which are associated with international trade including exposure to currency fluctuations, interest rates and changes in demand from the consumer perspective (Griffin and Pustay 2010). Again, where a contracting option is considered such exposures whilst still present are limited to a much shorter period of time and thus to a large extent offset.

A more realistic option for the company in question may be to consider one of the many contracting options which are available, such contracting options are also wide and varied in nature and include both direct and indirect contracts with accommodation providers as well as a variety of options with regard to the length contracts undertaken (Holloway et al 2009).