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The Scottish government (2005) describes how the need for evidence based practice developed, by stating “It is a practice for the systematic development of knowing rooted in experience which has the clear purpose of generating new forms of understanding, practical knowledge and skills to create knowledge amongst individuals and groups or communities. A distinguishing feature of research is that it is a form of self-reflective inquiry undertaken by participants to improve their own practices, understanding of those practices and of the wider context in which they are conducted.”

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) code of conduct (2008) states that “a nurse must provide, a high standard of practice and care at all times, and the best possible evidence or best practice for care must be used at all times”. This is achieved using research and applying the new knowledge to improve patient care (Parahoo, 2006)

As nursing is not performed in a bubble, but includes the multidisciplinary team, nursing research therefore should include all aspects of the health care setting, to provide the best care for the patients(Gerrish, and Lacey2009). As not all nursing research is of a high standard, it is therefore important to be able to critically evaluate the research and then to decide on the quality of the evidence (Gerrish and Lacey 2009), before using the findings in practice. In order to be able to critically evaluate the research the nurse should be able to clarify why they are doing the research and what information they require. Questions that need answered will include how the research was done, what was found, any implications and any further areas of study needed