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College is an important stage in one’s life, during this period, students will learn how to prepare for their future. When they graduate from college, they need to get many job interviews to pick out the favorite job. It needs some skills in order to impress the employer.

First, you need to prepare some answers for the possible questions. As we all know, the employers like to ask to some questions to test you, like introducing yourself, what is your opinion about the job position. You’d better prepare some answers for them, if you can not react right way, your hesitation makes employers think that you are not ready for the job position.


Second, you need to practice in front of your friends many times. When you get job interviews, it is naturally thing that you will feel nervous, because never face such situation before. In order to avoid your mind get blank, you need to ask your friends to help you. You treat them as the employers, and ask them to ask you some possible questions. Doing these, you will feel easy when you are in front of the employers.


Such are my advices about the interview skills. Don’t be afraid when you answer the question, if you are not doing well, you can tell yourself you can do it better next time, never be distressed. You can do it.