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代发论文 旅游的好处the advantages of traveling

 Nowadays, more and more people prefer to travel quite often. By traveling, we not only can relax ourselves but also broaden our knowledge circles. From my aspect, I think we can make many friends and travel with them.


   Firstly, we can enjoy the beautiful scenery and relax ourselves. For modern life, we are busy with our work with high pressure. However, when we travel, we will be attracted by great landscape and forget pressure from both work and life.


   Secondly, we can make friends by traveling. For most travelers, they tend to find many companions to travel with. If you check the internet, you will find that some people will call others to join them for travel. Through this kind of travel, we can meet many different people and make friends with them to broaden our social circle.


   Thirdly, we can learn much knowledge form travel. Before you go to somewhere to travel, generally, you need to make plans for your travel. You can find lots of things you don’t know when you make a plan, such as, the origin of a certain area, the customs of different areas, local food and so on.


In conclusion, we can not only relax ourselves and make new friends but at the same time we can learn much from travel.