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代写essay多少钱 是否支持大学生恋爱 should we approve of dating in university

Now it is commonly held that dating in university is acceptable, which has become a hot point under discussion. Some people hold the opinion that students should put their study in the first place. Besides, fall in love with someone could causes extra spending, which is a burden for students and their parents. While others argue that dating could be good for students.


For one thing, dating could help student learn how to be more socialize. Now the phenomenon is not rare to see that students only show up in classroom, dormitory and refectory, this triangle model makes students have less chance to make now friends that will probably lead to social apathy. For that reason, we should approve of dating in university, so that students could have more motive power to go out to find someone who is fit in them. Obviously, the ability of socialize will be promoted by osmosis.


For another, there is an old saying which goes that men and women with the work and not tired. It is true that when a couple work or study together, they will feel less exhausted, because we always want to show our best side to the one we love. Besides, student couple study together is more efficient, for they have the same target and they will encouraged each other.


Taking all these factors into account, we should approve of dating in university. It could make college life more vividly, enrich student’s life style and help them to be more socializing.