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代写英文论文 高中生的信仰和选择 high school students faith and choice

In china, the stage of high school is a turning point in most students’ life, during the three years’ study, the students are fighting for their future. In this important period, every student holds their faith to keep move on and such faith helps them succeed. High school students’ faith maybe is not religious but just a positive mind.


Most high school students believe that it is a good behavior to study all the time. Chairman Mao once said that one should keep study until he is old. I totally agree with that. When I was in high school, I had a heavy burden in studying, but I believe that learning is good for me so I keep with this thought and thanks to it, today I still keep my education and I treat it as a success.


Expect above, high school students believe in no pay no gain. Teachers always tell them if you want to succeed, you have to pay for bill for yourself—work hard. No pay, no gain, that means if you want to get succeed, you have to work for it and fight for it.


High school is a particular period in most people’s life, people are between being childish and mature, in this period, keeping a faith plays an important part, it gives you strength and courage, making you fight for your future.