dissertation代写 树的重要性the importance of trees

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In recent years, it has been reported that a large number of people cut trees down without a plan and triggered many problems. From this matter, we should realize the importance of trees and take measures to prevent this kind of inappropriate action. 
The importance of trees is mainly featured in following aspects. First, it is well-known that trees provide us with woods and other products. In addition, trees are very helpful in preventing water loss and soil erosion and keeping the nutrition of soil. Finally, trees have a great contribution in purifying air and make our environment be fresher.  
Therefore, in order to make our earth become better, we need to take some actions to prevent this action of cutting trees without a plan. For one thing, our government needs to take some mandatory measures to prevent illegal felling. Besides, our government should keep advocating people planting trees as many as possible. For another, we need to enhance our awareness of trees protection and environment protection, and participate in all kinds of activities of planting trees and protecting trees. 

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