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多伦多大学代写 学习还是工作? study or job hunting

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Nowadays, what worries college students most should bethe balance between job hunting and study. Have you noticed the phenomenon thatthe competition in job market is much fierce than before and the unemploymentrate of college students is of a high level, which is given rise to the reasonthat a growing number of graduates are pouring into society whereas jobopportunities are simply not enough for them.


Owing to the severe situation, enormous undergraduatesset about looking for a job long before their graduation. Some even begin whenthey enter college. However, each coin has two sides. The offenders hold theopinion that applying for a job can undoubtedly cut down undergraduates’ studytime, considering that their main work is to learn academic knowledge as muchas possible. While supporters believe that applying for a job earlier cansecure a better job after graduation. On my personal perspective, opportunitiesfavor those who are well prepared. Both sparing no effort to study and applyingfor a job earlier can eventually serve to our better job in the future oncondition that we balance the two parts reasonably.


What’s more, lots of factors are taken intoconsideration when recruiting new employees, work experience, degree, ability andso on, of which I think the most important is study. Although it cannot bejudged from the academic grades whether a person is of high ability, it is atleast a proof that one has a large scope of academic knowledge. Generallyspeaking, job hunting is not contradictory with study; in contrast, they cancoordinate with each other perfectly.