Philosophy Essay 代写:心灵分离矩阵

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Philosophy Essay 代写:心灵分离矩阵

在我看来,我认为他仍然是同一个人。因为我相信心灵与身体是分离的,身体是由心灵控制的。一个例子,让说有一台电脑,如果你不打开电脑,使用它,它不会功能本身,当你使用它,你是电脑的“头脑”,因为你是控制电脑的人。Descartes的二元论的人性观认为,人类天生就有非物质的心灵和物质的身体。这是因为我们可以想象没有身体的自我,所以头脑不是身体。然而,我们不能想到自我而没有思考。思维不是物质或物质的行为,因此,自我必须是物质身体的物质精神。虽然他表达的无线电传送机通过扫描你的大脑和身体的细胞,细胞破坏,喜气洋洋的信息到Mars重建你在Mars,心依然属于你。你仍然是同一个人时 堪培拉论文代写,它将细胞在Mars。既然Stelios已经几十次电子传输器的旅行他并不觉得死了,意味着他不知道他在做什么的时候,他的细胞由梁Mars运输,这是因为他的头脑还是清醒的。这就是为什么人的感觉和想法就像以前一样。

我个人站在灵魂上,作为永恒的自我。正如我刚才提到的,我相信,心灵和身体是分开的,同时,我相信勒内·笛卡尔的特点,这是每一个活着的人类的身体是一个灵魂。灵魂不是由身体的物质,而是灵魂是“非物质的”或精神的。只要灵魂在我的身体里,我仍然是同一个人。我读过一本书,关于一群科学家和生物学家试图证明灵魂的存在。大多数实验都发生在医院里。他们试图衡量一个刚刚去世的人的体重,他们意识到刚刚去世的人的体重后,第二次将变得更轻约2克。在他们重复这个测量超过百人,他们说这是因为灵魂离开了身体和2克是灵魂的重量,但之后他们想减轻2克是取决于空气的人的最后的呼气量。另一个实验是测量停止呼吸和心跳的人,但成功的救出了医生。实验的设置是他们挂一个盒子就在病床上,把你的东西放进盒子里。躺在床上的病人只能看到盒子,看不到盒子里有什么东西。在有医生成功抢救的病人之后,他们中的一些人可以告诉盒子里的东西是什么。因此,他们认为灵魂是一半离开身体,“浮动”或“崛起”的身体,因此可以看到里面的盒子,能告诉一下盒子里是什么,他们不能看到躺在病床上的是什么。但是,尽管他们经历了同样的情况,但他们并不是所有的人都能分辨出盒子里是什么东西。因此,还不能断定灵魂的存在。虽然与Descartes的观点有些问题,我仍然相信灵魂的存在。证明了灵魂的存在是很难的,但我想证明,没有灵魂更难 堪培拉论文代写。

Philosophy Essay 代写:心灵分离矩阵

In my point of view, I think he is still the same person. It is because I believe that the mind is separated with the body and the body is controlled by the mind. An example, let say there is a computer, if you do not turn on the computer and use it, it will not function itself, and when you use it, you are the "mind" of the computer because you are the person who controlled the computer. As Descartes' dualist view of human nature says, humans are born with immaterial minds and material bodies. This is because we can think of the self without a body, so the mind is not the body. However, we cannot think of the self without thinking. Thinking is not a material or physical act, so the self must be immaterial mind with a material body. Although Stelios's Teletransport Express machine works by scanning your brain and body cell by cell, destroying them, beaming the infromation to Mars and reconstructing you at Mars, the mind is still belong to you. You are still the same person when it reorganizes the cells at Mars. Since Stelios has taken the teletransporter trip dozens of times and he does not feel dead, means he does aware what he is doing when his cells are being transport by the beam to Mars, it is because his mind is still awake. That is why the person feels and thinks just like before.

I personally stand on the soul as the enduring self. As I have just mentioned, I believe that the mind and the body are separated, simultaneously, I believe what Rene Descartes characterized, which is each living human body is a soul. The soul is not made out of physical stuff like the body; however the soul is "immaterial" or spiritual. As long as the soul is remains in my body, I remain the same person. I have read a book that about a group of scientists and biologists tries to prove the existence of soul. Most of the experiments were taking place at hospital. They try to measure the weight of a person who has just passes away and they realize the weight of the person who has just passes away after a second will become lighter approximate 2 grams. After they repeated this measurement on more than hundred people, they said it is because the soul has left the body and the 2 grams is the weight of the soul, but after that they think the lessen of the 2 grams is depend on the volume of air of the last exhalation of the person. Another experiment is to measure on the person who has stop breathing and heart beating, but successful rescued by doctor. The setup of the experiment is that they hang a box right on the sickbed and put something into the box. The patient who is lying on the bed can only sees the box and cannot see what is inside the box. After the patients who have success rescues by doctor, some of them can tell what is inside the box. Therefore, they assumed the soul is half way leaving the body and it "float" or "rise" from the body, so it can sees what is inside the box and able to tell what is in the box that they cannot see when lying on the sickbed. But still, not all of them were able to tell what is inside the box even though they experienced the same situation. Therefore, still cannot conclude the existence of soul. Although there are some problems with Descartes's view, I still believe the existence of soul. To prove that the existence of soul is hard, but I think to prove that there is no soul is even harder.