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国外论文网 你生命中的最后十年 the last ten years in your life

Have you ever image what would it be of thelast ten years in your life? Some people are every healthy and enjoy theirgrandchildren; someone is terribly sick and has been taken care by family.There is no avoiding that everyone is weaker when they are getting old, tissuesage and organs fail. But we could still chose to stay a hale body when we areold, as long as we start a healthy life by now.


Itis not astonished to see that the young people don’t take care of their body.Not because they don’t want to, but because they have been busy on otherthings. For example, teenagers are overloaded, the homework took them a lot oftime, and hence they don’t have too much time to do exercise. And the workershave too much work to do, so that they miss the normal mealtimes, and evenworse, they have to work overtime and stayed all night. The damages caused forbody as is well-known.


Every kind of life style can impact on our body. Get up 10 minutesearlier every day and have a simple breakfast might let you live 5 years longerin the world; stand up and do some simple exercise every 1 hour after you workin front of the desk, which might give you a chance to share a happy bikingtime with your grandchildren. If you don’t take your body seriously, it willmake you suffered terribly in the last ten years of your life.


Ina word, if you want to enjoy a happy time with your family in the last tenyears, then develop a healthy lifestyle by now, otherwise, you would besurrounded by your family in your sickbed. It is your choice.