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The shows enlighten the tourists about the history and culture of Tanzania. The story mostly mirrored the culture of Tanzanians, their life and beliefs. The shows are excellent events for those who are interested in the Tanzanian cultures and give an inner understanding of the Tanzanian cultures. The exotic story lines that blend traditions and culture with fantasy deliver a wonderful evening event for the tourists. However, instead of having the current way of performances, the theater would make the show more organized. The audiences would be more comfortable since they do not have to stand in the sunlight while they are watching the show. Besides, they now perform both male and female dances simultaneously, which makes tourists hard to focus. They have to strive to observe both dances while standing in the sunlight, which is very hot and sweaty. Thus, the tourists get bored turn their interest to other things easily. Some tourists start to complain about the weather condition. They talked to one another more than enjoying the show.

Having a theater would also yield the advantage in terms of communication. In Tanzania, English language is considered as the second language and their pronunciation sometimes confuses the tourists. For instance, some audience got lost at the time that the local tour operators were narrating the story and history of the show. This problem can be solved by pre-recording the message each of the native speakers has for the audience since this will allow the tourists to re-run the recording as many times as they wish. In addition, they can provide the history and story of Tanzania’s culture in many languages. Before the start of the show, the audience can be given the headset, so they can select whichever language they want to hear. Through these measures, they can help the tourists to understand the context better. In other words, the difficulty in transferring information between languages will be reduced.

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