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惠灵顿代写assignment : 心理疾病

惠灵顿代写assignment : 心理疾病




惠灵顿代写assignment : 心理疾病

Most of the time, my mom tells me her past time’s stories. One day she told me the story about a girl, that story stunned me a lot. Story was like there was a girl who born in a low socio- economic family. She was fourth daughter in her family and had only one brother, when she was in her mother’s womb, her maternal grandfather expired, everybody in her family was expecting a boy will be born, but it’s true that nobody knows what Allah wants. Again a baby girl was born.

During her childhood, she did not received the attention, love and affection from her parents and with the passage of time, family’s attitude towards her remained different as compared to other siblings. When she reached at school age, she was not sent to school because of some financial issues as well as her family thought that there is no use to send her school because she is a ‘girl’.

She was never encouraged to socialize with other children and get involved in activities, her life was totally different, as a result of which gradually she started to behave differently. By the time her family noticed this difference, it was too late and she did not receive any treatment and it was assumed that now she cannot be treated and it is a lifelong disease as her aunty had the similar problem. As she was not given proper attention by her parents, she got addicted to Naswar and showed bizarre behavior by harming herself and others; she even attempted several failed suicides. That was shameful for her family members as a result they became isolated and never attended religious / social ceremonies and were also reluctant to invite anyone to their home as people labeled her family as mad family and also called her mad and the community people did not liked to eat their house made food. Along with that mental illness she ended up with high blood pressure, she was not treated for that timely and died with a label of ‘mad girl’. She remained virgin throughout her life.