java assignment代写 大学生逃课 college students skip the class

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There is a famous sentence spreads around the campus, it is “One will be a good student until he skips classes”. Actually, it is a common phenomenon that college students will skip classes, such behavior has been criticized by the public, but now some students start to feel proud of that, they think they are cool with that. In my opinion, college students should not skip classes.


First, the main duty of college students is to study. Before going to college, we have been told that college is such a good place for learning knowledge, so that we work hard to go to college. If we skip classes, we will lose the chance to gain knowledge, the first purpose of going to college is being abandoned. College students are preparing for the future, they should learn more, so that they can compete with others.


Second, the classes open in the college is less than before, if students skip classes, what else they can learn. Chinese students work very hard in the middle school and high school, the lessons are full in a day, they have to learn so many subjects. But college is with less lessons, because they learn their majors only. Skipping classes means a student don’t want to learn.


College students should learn more for the fight of the future, all the classes are useful, they will gain more or less from the class.


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