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新西兰作业代写 From Teacher To Facilitator

新西兰作业代写 From Teacher To Facilitator


The Research Report at 7 major US Universities presented by Seymons and Hewitt (1977) describes the following as essentials for teaching effectiveness. All the schools can follow them for the school improvement and thus the national development.

A method of assessing effective teaching by monitoring the students whether they are actively engaged, concentrating and interacting, laughing, completing tasks and anticipating what comes next.

The teacher should be knowledgeable, enthusiastic, approachable and caring.

The teacher should give constructive feedback and supports less able students, using a wide variety of teaching methods.

The teacher should be responsible risk taker and willing to innovate.

The teacher should appreciate the creativity of the students and encourage their thinking ‘outside the box’.

The teacher should encourage the questioning attitude of the students.

The focus in the classroom is on how to learn rather than what to learn.

The skills of critical thinking should be consciously thought rather than asking the students to compare and contrast.

Finally, the teacher should help the students to practice the skills.

Sri Seshaas Teachers as Facilitators:

We almost follow all the steps.

In our school we provide a fear free schooling and the exact CCE (continuous and comprehensive evaluation) is carried out. There is no fixed date of exam and tension to the students and so they enjoy their stay and learning in the school.

The most essential criteria for the appointment of teachers of our school is their attitude towards the children and their profession and not their number of degrees they have.

We have 10% reservation in admission for the special children. We don’t call them as less able but special. A team of our teachers under the leadership of our consultant psychologist works hard as responsible risk takers. We name it ‘Punyabhadra’.

The students are encouraged in creating their own ideas rather than feeding them with ours. Whenever they take part in the outside competitions like science exhibition etc. We don’t bother about the result but the students’ own ideas and active participation are given importance. This freedom made them even at NASA Space School Learning Centre to succeed with their miniature models of Rocket and Rover.

We adopt idiscoveri methodology in which teaching – learning is child centered. Our teachers’ job is to answer the students’ questions and not just to finish the number of topics.

Every day morning assembly is taken charge by the students. Almost every student is given a chance to take part in it. It gives them a pride, encourages them to take responsibilities. As they give the thought for the day etc. and address the assembly they get rid of their stage fear. It is practical that the important incident of the day is let out for open discussion and helps the children to develop their critical thinking.

School is a wonderful platform to bring out the students knowledge, skill and desire. In order to make our school children rational and to fulfill their objective we have 9 clubs like literary club, cookery club etc. functioning in our school. These clubs facilitate each child to find, to practice and to perform their skills. It helps them in improving their self confidence. We have a programme called ‘Fancy Fete’ on every Republic day (26th Jan.). It’s a display cum sales of craft works made by our children especially with waste materials, for a noble cause. Every year they donate the entire proceeds of this programme to a charitable home.