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Although the techniques is old, but the skills that used to create this animation technique were increased from years to years. According to the articles, it shown that the latest candidates of live action movie that implemented rotoscoping animation techniques are “Cicak Man” (2006), Juno”(2006) and also “A Scanner Darkly”(2006). Some entertainment material such as video games, music video, live action movie, television shows, commercials also gain benefits from rotoscoping animation techniques from decades until nowadays. This technique mostly were used to create special effects, title sequence and combine with other animation techniques such as motion capture to produce more realistic result. Recently, from the Artifact News Website(2011) there were an articles that stated that medical industry also been using this animation techniques to produce pharmaceutical and medical education to illustrate some effects of diseases to let the public have more understanding and conscious about the diseases.

In this paper, the history of rotoscoping will be document and some critical analysis and case study on the rotoscoping animation techniques. The example that state above will be discuss. The author will show some basic technique to create a simple rotoscoping animation by using the computer and the animation creation software. The pros and cons and also the future trend of this animation technique will be state out to help reader have more understanding about this historical and special animation technique.