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Service organizations in India are facing tough competition in the global market because of liberalization and globalization of the Indian economy. Hence, it is helpful for service organizations to know the customer service quality perceptions in order to overcome the competitors and attract and retain the customers. Because of the globalization and liberalization of Indian economy, Indian service sector has been opened for Multinational companies. In order to overcome the competition and to retain the world class service standards, Indian companies have been forced to adopt quality management programs. Nerurkar (2000) analyzed the SERVQUAL dimensions in India and concluded that service quality should form the basis for all customer retention strategies. Services are defined as: the activities, which are involved in producing intangible products as education, entertainment, food and lodging, transportation, insurance, trade , government, financial, real estate, medical, consultancy, repair and maintenance like occupation. Quality has become a strategic tool for obtaining efficiency in operations and improved business performance

This is true for the services sector too. Several authors have discussed the unique importance of quality to service firms and have demonstrated its positive relationship with profits, increased market share, return on investment, customer satisfaction, and future purchase intentions (Rust and Oliver, 1994). One obvious conclusion of these studies is that firms with superior quality products outperform those marketing inferior quality products.

Service quality can be concisely defined as the personal experience of the customer with the service provider. Service quality is playing an increasingly important role in the present environment where there is no further scope for the companies to differentiate themselves other than the quality of the service provided by them. Delivering superior service quality than the competitors is the key for the success of any organization. But, the companies face difficulties in measuring the quality of services offered to the customers. Because unlike measuring the quality of goods, the measurement of the quality of services offered by the companies is difficult due to the three unique features of services viz. intangibility, heterogeneity, and inseparability. Hence the only way of measuring the quality of services offered by the service provider is the measurement of the customer’s perception of the quality of service they are experiencing from their service providers.