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堪培拉assignment代写 学生应不应该拥有电脑 should students own computers

As more and more students tend to takecomputers to college, a hot discuss on this phenomenon attract people’sattention. Some say that students can use computers to study. Some think thatstudents can contact with their families and friends. Some believe studentsspend too much playing computers. In my point of view, I think students shouldbe allowed to take computers to college. Reasons are as follows.


First of all, students can learn much from computers. As we enter intothe 21 century, almost all people use computers to work. Hence, if students owncomputers, then they can learn how to use computer so that they wouldn’t lagbehind. Besides, students can learn knowledge by surfing the internet. If theycome across a certain subject, then, they can use computers to search for therelative knowledge.


Secondly, student can contact with families and friends quite often. As computers are so available, people use computers to contactwith their families and friend quite often by chat tools which will save uslots of money rather than talking on the phone.


All in all, students should be allowed to own computers so that they cannot only learn lots of knowledge but also they can contact with others wheneverthey want.